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Many women who are contemplating their “first time” have many questions about bleeding after losing virginity. How long do you bleed after losing your virginity? But even when a woman loses her virginity in her later years, the hymen might still lead to bleeding after her first. Is 3 days or bleeding after virginity loss normal? - Scarleteen Boards Jamie. Age: 28. ?????? Non rushed service Satisfaction guranteed Many older women actually knew full well, from experience, that this idea that bleeding always happens with intercourse was a farce, so new brides would often be prepared by other women on how to fake bleeding in case they didn't. Should I go to a doctor if it goes on for more than a week? Apr 25, - "Some women don't notice any bleeding at all, but it is true that some women bleed a lot," sex researcher Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., author of Because It . "One of the things that's a good predictor of whether you'll regret it later or whether you'll enjoy it is who you lose your virginity with and whether that. Kety. Age: 26. I'm Katy, 25 years old, from Latvia independent escort girl Q&A: Why Didn’t I Bleed When I Lost My Virginity? Jan 5, - im a virgin and im planning on having sex with my boyfriend soon, i was wondering how much is normal to bleed during your first time. should i place a towel down. i dont want to stain anything. im conserned about the amount of blood thank you This topic is answered by a medical expert. Jan 19, - I lost my virginity exactly 24 hours ago. The boy I was with was kinda rough with me. When he was finished, I noticed blood on my underwear and figured that was normal, but when I got home, my underwear were soaked. I bled as though I was on my period. I think I might have bled like that during sex as.

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Deliliah. Age: 25. Hello,my name is simone,a naughty brunette escort girl with a wonderful genuine outgoing personality; warm, sensual, vivacious, is full of stamina and i just love new experiences.i am cool,fun,passionate and young. I love to play and will make every second you spend with me fun and unforgettable. Discretion, excellent service and high quality are my most important values. Feb 19, - Lost my virginity on the 16th and I'm still bleeding. Its not heavy at I had a very thick hymen and was never able to put a tampon in, so is this normal? Thank you! Let's start by ruling out the possibility that this may simply be your period, or withdrawal bleed: Where are you at in your pill packet? When did. Jan 13, - One study which was done, cited by my friend Hanne Blank in her book, Virgin: The Untouched History, was an informal one in published in the For the most part, just like bleeding from any other part of your body, bleeding that comes with or follows intercourse or any other kind of sex is due to an. Aug 10, - Whether or not a woman bleeds when she first has sex has nothing to do with her virginity. Bleeding during sex is also not a sign of being healthy or unhealthy; it's just a reflection of how much hymen tissue a woman has, which varies from woman to woman. Of course, if you have questions about your.


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