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Jan 21, - Now that we've reviewed all the precautions, let's discuss some of my favorite deep penetration positions. The key with each of these deep penetration sex positions is making sure that you start nice and slowly so that you can let your man know when he's hitting that perfect spot and when he's hurting you. How To Give Her A Deep Spot Orgasm Layton. Age: 28. sexy girl for good escort in Milan or outcall in all Europian countries Your partner then leans over you, causing your legs to come back toward you and your hips to lift, making for super-deep penetration. Mar 16, - Some give suggestions for stimulating specific regions (20 Positions for G-Spot Glory!), others offer solutions to sexual stumbling blocks (10 Positions For Couples of Wildly Different Heights!), and there are always the ones that promise more pleasure than physically possible (5 Positions GUARANTEED To. Evie. Age: 24. I am actually 40 NOT 19 3 Powerful Sex Positions To Try When You Want DEEP Penetration Sep 10, - There are two sexual positions that work best for this: missionary and the cowgirl, or woman on top. In the missionary position, you might want to place a few pillows under her back to give you a better angle for penetration. If she prefers to be on top, have her lean back slightly so the penis can thrust deeper. Cervix & The Deep Spot. Is Is Possible He's Hitting My Cervix When I'm on Top? Posted on the Nov 27, by Betty Dodson. Dear Betty, First of all thank you for doing what you do. My life has completely changed since I've found you and Carlin, and I'm learning to absolutely love my body and embrace my sexuality.

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Marcy. Age: 22. Real and accurate photos Mar 24, - Learn how to stimulate four areas that excite her as much as the G-Spot. This guide will help you discover her A-Spot, O-Spot, cervix and pelvic muscles. Mar 25, - Here's a guide to the best sex positions you didn't know you were missing out on. and the G-spot and is made to be worn during intercourse) or a vibrating penis ring can provide the clit stimulation that the missionary position sometimes denies. Your partner gets a great view and control of a deep thrust. Jul 7, - LEARN MORE HERE - EXCLUSIVE G-SPOT ORGASM VIDEO HERE - The A-Spot or Deep-Spot is located at.


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