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Nov 11, - But if that alone is putting you off masturbating while you're on your period, that's a real shame ā€“ because a period self-love sesh can be bloody (sorry) magical. It might be a And pain in general, which is handy if you're someone who gets headaches, back-ache, and every other ache during period time. Iā€™m often aroused during my period. Is it okay to masturbate? Suellen. Age: 21. Young and beautiful, ready to quench your desires and fantasies But if you are okay with that then in my opinion all you will need is more tissues or a towel and less lube. May 19, - Kim Ibricevic, manager of the sex toy shop Eve's Garden, has heard customers say they'll avoid masturbation during that time of month, potentially due to the perception that periods are disgusting. But these people are missing out, because there's nothing harmful about touching yourself while you're surfing. Avy. Age: 29. Hello, Dear Gentleman! My name is Catrin 4. You Should Avoid Masturbating on Your Period Jun 8, - In fact, masturbating during your period is probably a big benefit to you. When you have your period, all of these crazy hormonal things are happening to your body and these hormones can make you even more in the mood, if you catch my drift. So, you probably feel extra, um, cravings to masturbate during. Feb 14, - What an excellent question on a day that can bring lots of lonely girls, especially those who are exacerbatedly hormonal from a period, a whole bunch of pleasure. It might be a bummer to be on your period for a lot of reasons, not getting to masturbate isn't one of them. There are so many ways to pleasure.

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Kali. Age: 25. I am an attractive and elegant czech lady of exquisite class who enjoys the company of refined, discreet and select gentlemen and couples. Pretty much the same way you masturbate when you're not on your period. If you're worried about making a mess, put down a towel or two. Or do it in the shower. Some people find their cervix particularly sensitive on or around their period, so if. 3 days ago - hey..i am 15 and i have been wondering the same as how to masturbate during my periods.i feel really turned on during my period and feels Well I'm 13 n on my period cramps the hole nine yards n I also have a cold but I am still able to masterbate no mess at all I simply put a stuffed animal on a pillow n.


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