Masturbation during puberty a sin yahoo

Sep 16, - I would think you would have to discuss the circumstances in the confessional. Different situations may have different consequences. This activity will probably be with you all your life so ask about how to deal with it. The severity of the sin is what needs to be determined. You are not going to hell for this but. Is masturbating as a teen a sin? catholics ONLY? | Yahoo Answers Gina. Age: 19. Gf6 at it's best The bible doesn't say if he despised his brother or his brothers wife. Jul 14, - Masturbation tempers lust. Nothing in 10 commandments about masturbation. Masturbation is a normal body function for a male in or post puberty. Religion is interpretive, everyone has a bit different take away, and mine is that masturbation is not a sin, masturbating is necessary to temper our sex drive so. Anastasia. Age: 29. Or Masturbating During Puberty? Feb 21, - Puberty isn't a problem, hon, it's a natural part of life. Masturbation is natural - babies do it in the womb. The only thing in the bible about this is the "Sin of Onan," and it wasn't that he [email protected] in the desert, it was that he did that instead of shagging his brother's widow so she could have a son to carry on the. Mar 30, - WHEN you reach puberty, sexual desires can become particularly strong. As a result, you might fall into a habit of masturbation. Many would say that it's not a big deal. “No one gets hurt,” they argue. However, there's good reason to avoid the practice. The apostle Paul wrote: “Deaden, therefore, your body.

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Erica. Age: 30. Hello! It's my first time in Paris and I'm happy to introduce myself Jan 3, - This question applies to Catholics only. I would like to know if masturbating as a teen is still a sin. It's hard not to because of puberty. I know it is wrong but I just can't help it. Please help!! Thanks in advance. Feb 12, - If masturbation was a sin in some significant way, then there would be nobody in heaven. (I'm an atheist, but I can use this vocabulary to make my point.) Young people (boys and girls both) mature faster sexually than they do emotionally and culturally. Masturbation helps control the tension produced by the. Jun 14, - “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are In light of these principles, the conclusion that masturbation is a sin is biblical. Clearly . When i was a kid, the bible made me HATE myself during puberty, im a girl, and I did it/ do it.


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