Sperm whale mating groups

A group of six Humpback whales courting and displaying mating behaviour. Captured on tour in Tonga in. Sperm whale videos, photos and facts - Physeter macrocephalus | Arkive Raven. Age: 22. Hello The sperm whale's cerebrum is the largest in all mammalia, both in absolute and relative terms. Ocean Giants. The Mating Marathon. Premiere date: February 21, | Watch a scene from the PBS. Kya. Age: 20. I am a 23 yo blonde hair blue eyed sexy girl in hamburg. I have a sexy slim body, curves where they should be and soft silky skin with a busty chest. Sperm Whale whales off northern Chile. Amanda K. Coakes and Hal Whitehead. Abstract: We studied the social structure and mating system of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus L., ) off northern Chile over 10 months in , photographically identifying individuals. The mean size of encountered groups of females with. Habits. Sperm whales are highly migratory, especially the males. Adult males move into high latitude temperate waters during summer, leading a solitary lifestyle, while females remain grouped in tropical or subtropical waters. In winter, the bulls return to lower latitudes for mating. These whales regularly dive to depths of.

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Shione. Age: 30. Hey, guys! My name is Jade Feb 15, - As a new exhibition about sperm whales opens, biologist Hal Whitehead describes the fascinating mechanisms of this creature. The males, by contrast, swim down from the cold waters to mate – but when we followed the female groups, we saw that they would join them for a matter of hours at the most.


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